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Costs Covered in the Tool

Practice Category

Practice Name

Detailed Cost Sheet (pdf)

NRCS or Farm Service Agency 2016 - Cost Share info (pdf)

Edge of Field

Reconstructed wetlands 

2016 Cost Sheet for Constructed Wetlands

FSA Practice CP 23A Wetland Restoration (Non-Floodplain)

Note: there are a number of different wetland programs that may be relevant in your situation.


Bioreactor (Woodchip) 

2016 Cost Sheet for Denitrifying Bioreactors

NRCS EQIP Denitrifying bioreactor- Practice Code 605


Riparian Forest Buffer

2016 Cost Sheet for Riparian Forest Buffer

FSA Practice CP 22 Riparian Buffer


Vegetative Filter Strip (riparian) 2016 Cost Sheet for Vegetative Filter Strip FSA Practice CP 21 Filter Strip


Saturated buffers (riparian) 2016 Cost Sheet for Saturated Buffer Saturated Buffers in Iowa Watersheds
  Drainage management (Controlled drainage) 2016 Cost Sheet for Drainage Water Management (Controlled drainage)

NRCS EQIP Drainage water management written plan - Practice code 130

NRCS EQIP Drainage water management - Practice code 554

  Drainage management (Shallow drainage) 2016 Cost Sheet for Drainage Water Management (Shallow drainage)

EQIP Drainage Water Mgt written plan - Practice Code 130

NRCS EQIP Drainage Water Mgt - Practice Code 554

Land Use Change

Prairie Strips

2016 Cost Sheet for Prairie Strips FSA Practice CP 15A Contour Grass Strips

Cover crops (Winter rye)

2016 Cost Sheet for Cereal Rye Cover Crop NRCS EQIP Cover Crops - Practice Code 340
  Herbaceous Biomass (switchgrass) In development  

Extended rotations

In development  

Grazed pasture

In development  
  Living mulch (Kura clover) In development