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Thank you for your interest in downloading the Nutrient Reduction Strategy Decision Support Tool.

Download the current version using the link below.  This version requires Microsoft Excel with macros enabled.  

The Nutrient Reduction Strategy BMP Cost Overview Documentation compiles all of the "BMP Cost Sheets" which provide detailed overviews of all the costs involved with the implementation/establishment and management of each practice along with a basic example cost analysis.

General Instructions for Tool Usage:

1) This is a Microsoft Excel based tool. Be sure to enable Macros. The tool will not work without this. MS Excel should provide you with a prompt to do this.

2) Read the tool's Introduction. This will provide basic context for tool usage and allow you to navigate to the various BMP practices of interest.

3) Each Best Management Practice (BMP) spreadsheet has a default setting that is automatically initiated. Take your time reading through the various accounting sections for each BMP. Almost all line-item input cost data is adjustable within each individual spreadsheet. For example, for practices that take land out of production, the Iowa state-wide average land rent of $230 per acre (2016) is used as the default cost of land. If a user has a known different land charge, simply enter that data into the correct cell, and so on.

Name Version Required Software Download link
Nutrient Reduction Strategy Decision Support Tool Beta.1 Microsoft Excel 2013+ Iowa NRS Decision Tool beta.xlsx
Nutrient Reduction Strategy BMP Cost Overview Documentation 1.0 Microsoft Word 2010+ Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy BMP Cost Overview 2016

Be aware that the current file is a beta version and may contain some bugs or errors.  Please report any bugs found using the Feedback page or by email.